Hands On Music, Christian Rap Recording Artist and Performer


Release Date: 1/1/2017


Sometimes God uses you as an example for someone else who is having the same trouble as you, but does not know how to get through. So instead of giving up just keep on pushing through, sort of like a marathon. That is what this album is about. As the title suggests, this album's theme is about the endurance, or faith, required to stay committed to a purpose driven life. The lead single from this album is titled, "I'll Run For You." It features instrumentals from multiple producers, including Hands On himself.


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Release Date: 5/22/2012


ACT ON OPPORTUNITY: The Second Coming (T.S.C.) is the fifth solo release album from Aaron Harris, also known as Hands On. The central theme of this album is following through your faith with actions. The layout, song selection and music production combined together give this album a very polished feel to it. Hands On has built up his brand and people enjoy what he has to offer as an artist. The beats are good and the lyrics are well written.


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Love Letters To My Wife

Release Date: October 1, 2011


Love Letters To My Wife was released by Hands On in 2011 featuring two hit songs "Loving You" and "When It's Over." This is an album about a man's vow to find true love despite personal life events that can be distracting. As the story continued, Aaron did find a wife three years later in 2014 when he married Kelsey. Although this album probably resembles a really bad break-up mixed with warm hopes of a new relationship, the lyrics - as is expected from Aaron - do have deep meaning.


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